​carrie kolczak

By Appointment Only

​Pampered Chef

I also offer my home as a location for a Cooking Show.  Bring your friends to me!

A Spoon stands for so much.
It spans the entire meal process.
Stirring and mixing.  Cooking and tasting.  Serving and eating.
It’s the backbone of every meal in every home around the world.
Our spoon is even more special.
When you notice it’s smiling, you smile back.
It represents the pride and empowerment of
a Pampered Chef business.
It evokes the joy of being together with those we love.
Of bringing mealtime back home, without breaking a sweat.
It reminds you of sharing in the fun, laughter and
relationships Pampered Chef has built it on.
Together, our spoon and our smile stand for what we do;
helping you enjoy the moments most important to you and yours
by inspiring satisfying, stress free meals, for the way you live.

I have a Salad in a Jar Workshop twice a year.  This is where I show off the NEW items that come out every Spring and Fall as well. 

The Make & Take Mason Jar Set is the smart way to bring your favorite breakfast, lunch, or snack, anywhere you go. It’s perfect for busy people who want healthy meals on the go—parents, commuters, and even kids. You can pack up healthy foods for the whole day! Jar and lid are made of BPA-free plastic.  It is refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher-safe.  Send me your email address and I can get you connected!